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16 October 2018
 Wellcome Message  

In the name of GOD
Welcome to Faculty of Pharmacy, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences. The Faculty has the honor to present to you a collection of Web pages representing the Pharmacy Departments.

The Faculty of Pharmacy is one of the premier pharmacy research and educational institutions in Iran. For over 50 years we have educated pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists who possess the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to become leaders in pharmacy and pharmacy-related practice, education, research and industrial positions.

Pharmacists have long been recognized as medication experts. Today the pharmacist's role is expanding from the traditional dispenser of medications to an outstanding scientist. Increasingly the pharmacist should take responsibility for recommending drug therapies, counseling patients on proper medication use, and monitoring therapeutic outcomes. Moreover, we have a big responsibility in terms of publication papers, using new educational methodology in order to compete with other institutes and keep ourselves updated. So, we are developing our Faculty’s Strategic Plan (2005 – 2009), which will be completed soon (in the summer 2005). This plan will guide us towards our vision by providing innovative solutions to society’s health care needs, promoting faculty and staff and helping shape the future of health care in the province and the country.

I have confidence that together we will strengthen our knowledge and reputation as the place where the Experts Learn and Discover.

I believe if you look closely, you will find that the faculty of pharmacy provides all necessary elements of quality. I hope you will consider us as a place to learn, grow, and reach your full potential Here you will find a distinguished and talented faculty, a caring and knowledgeable staff, and a student population that represents tomorrow's brightest and best.

I hope you enjoy your visit.