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16 October 2018

 Web and Information expert

Farnam Norouzi - IT Dean


 - Newsletter, faculty staffs CV and educational departments

 - School Journals

 - Pharmacy

 - Create an account to access web content for users

 - Design and Prepare Journals portal for Congress

 -Training  software ,  troubleshooting software and antivirus for school users

 - Holding Computer skills workshops



Hardware and Network sections:

  Mehdi shojaii  -Hardware expert

  - Service of  College hardware 

  -  Fix Troubleshooting  bug ,enhancements and Installing the operating and drivers system (according to the process of  the data management and information technology hardware )

  -   Estimate hardware requirements and monitoring required hardware -

  -  Fix troubleshooting network active equipment (switches, access points, wireless equipment, etc.)

 -  fix troubleshooting network disable equipments (duct, network sockets, rack, patch panels, etc.) -

  - Repair and recharge of cartridges

 - Repair HP Printers -


Posted by   Farnam Norouzi